Plan complex custom and group trips with ease.


Keep your operations organized, clean and stress-free.


Collaborate with your team, clients, partners and suppliers.


Book Online. Send and receive requests directly.


Access travel resources: photos, forums, articles, tips and more…


Why PlanitEasy?

Save time on planning, operations and collaboration
by using ONE simple, powerful platform.

PlanitEasy for agents and tour operators is an easy-to-use all-in-one travel planning platform built specifically to make the daily tasks of travel agents and tour operators easier and faster.

Simple. Fast. Effective. Powerful.

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Plan. Stay Organized.
How it works?

ONE place makes
everything easier.

Switching between multiple technologies for trip planning, operations and collaboration is time consuming and messy.

PlanitEasy is your solution. Combining all your technology planning needs into ONE simple and easy-to-use platform will give you peace of mind and time for other things.

Time is your most valuable asset.
PlanitEasy gives you more of it.

A must-have for Custom and Group travel experts!

Relationships matter.

and staying connected.

Connect with the right partners to build and nurture your company ecosystem. Establishing clear communication and collaboration will save time, help prevent miscommunication and avoid errors and unfortunate surprises. Creating partnerships with others, extends your reach in terms of ability to deliver destinations and niche experiences you do not specialize in. You won’t have to turn clients away but rather ‘share’ them with another expert and vice versa.


ONE platform for all; the industry’s first virtual ecosystem—
connect directly with clients, suppliers, resource providers, and partners.

Join the Evolution towards Personalized Travel.
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Profile Management

Clients, Suppliers, Internal Team



Real-time snapshot of your company activities


Team Collaboration

Work with team members, partners and suppliers in the trip planner


Trip Management

Sort by client, dept date, status and more…


Trip Checklist

List of to-do’s for the trip


Step-by-step Trip Planner

Flexible step-by-step planner keeps you and your team organized


Booking Manager

Track deadlines, payments, details and more…


Smart Itinerary Builder

Drag and drop live activities, print PDF


Trip Focused Accounting (Bills and Invoicing)

Manage Payables, Receivables, Cashflow and PnL


Client Trip Page and Travel Itinerary

Give your clients their own trip page and itinerary


FREE Social Travel Network

The industry’s first eco-system — connect directly with clients, suppliers, resource providers and partners for free forever if you sign up now.

Coming soon

  • Receive and send Requests (RFP's)

    Receive new requests from travelers and send RFP's to suppliers

  • Online Booking Platform
  • Resource center

Keep moving.

Get it done.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Use on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Get time back on your side!




Includes FREE 10 day trial of Basic


CRM for Client Profiles (10 max)

CRM for Supplier Profiles (10 max)

Trips Database

Trip Planner

PlanitEasy Social Beta

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Everything from Starter

Trip database

Platform customizations

Trip todo list with templates

Drag and Drop itinerary builder

Branded online client proposal and travel itineraries

Library* (save Bookings, Events, Places, Images, Destination Content and more)

Team Collaboration

Email Booking Imports *(50 included per month)

Consolidated bookings list page

Cloud Storage - 10 GB per user

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